Friday, 10 February 2012

Barn progress

The barn is so very nearly finished...

It has plastered (and painted, though not in the final colours) walls, running water, and a source of heat. The major missing thing is the floor downstairs, but the end is finally in sight.

I'm off to spinning guild tomorrow and am leaving Mum and Dad to crack on with painting the walls in the right colours. Since I took these photos we've had the wood burning stove installed, and have started the tiles by the bath.

The kitchen isn't that blue colour, that's just the protective coating we're leaving on until we finish doing anything that might scratch the unit. The other major thing we're waiting for is the gas to be connected to the stove, and the shower to be plumbed in. I've been brave a picked a bright lime paint to go on 2 of the walls in the kitchen, everywhere else, apart from the bathroom is going to be a very neutral off white. 

I'm hoping to be able to start working in the upstairs space sometime very soon (maybe even next week), I'm already looking forward to having space to work immensely!


  1. This is so beautiful -- congratulations on having it almost finished!

  2. Do you want to come and live here and I'll live there thank you.


  3. Wow!! What a beautiful space! I can imagine it filled with fibre and socks, lol. Have fun with it :)