Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mending a hole

So today has been spent doing quite a bit of work. I've done about 1000 words on one essay, and am now in the frame of mind to keep going. I've also done the other front piece on my Mrs Darcy cardigan. this means I now only have the sleeves to go. I can they scare myself with the thought of ruining it as I try to sew it all together.
I've also got my head around my Rainbow overnight, I now feel like I know what is going on with it, and have printed off a few resources that I need to sit laminating, possibly while watching Dr Who tonight. I've even pulled out my leaf motif squares, as I've finished my sock I needed to do something else that was quick and easy and that I wouldn't worry about little mistakes. I'd forgotten how gratifying this project was. After 20 minutes I've got a completed item, and I'm ready to persuade my brain to go back to work.

however what I'm most proud about is that I have mended my climbing trousers. You might have seen a few days ago that I posted a picture of my trousers being held together by duck tape. This was mostly due to them having just worn out. When you're climbing the seat of your trousers can take a bit of a hammering, you're sitting on rough rock, quite often when you're climbing down off a bolder you're basically just sliding over rock with a texture like sandpaper. Eventually my poor trousers could take no more, as I put my foot on a high foot hold there was a ripping noise and half my arse was hanging out!
However no more will the world be exposed to my arse as I have mended them. They are not trousers for wearing in smart company, however, they still have years of use left in them!
Here are the before and after pictures.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Still jobless

So the job interview today was unsuccessful, though really that makes it sound a bit more extreme than it really is. Yet again they were really impressed with me, to the point of not being able to give me any negative feedback. They've just given the job to someone who was ever so slightly more suitable. They have however said that it is likely another job will be coming up this year (Im guessing a current member of staff is going to job interviews, and if they get a job will be handing in their notice), they have offered me that possible job, and won't be advertising/interviewing anyone else if the job does come up. This is actually really awesome, though puts me in a really odd position, I can't stop looking for jobs in case this potential job doesn't happen, but at the same time I feel like I would fit in better at this school than any of the others I've had interviews at. Oh the confusion!
I have another interview next Thursday and am just going to play it by ear in terms of if I like the school, and wether I remain a candidate by the time I get asked if I would accept the job if offered it.

Anyway, I had planned to go climbing tonight, but all my climbing partners dropped out on me. Instead I have finished Lex's socks in time for him coming to sheffield this weekend, and have also started the 2nd front piece on my Mrs Darcy obsessive cardigan.

I have also not forgotten that yesterday I promised a fix-it-friday post. For this weeks post I'm going along the culinary route. Firstly a blog containing loads of gorgeous recipes, I've mostly cooked the cakes and biscuits, but many of her savory recipes also look great. Secondly in a sharing of the bloggy goodness is a link to a blog that I read daily where she posted a link to another one of her sites containing the recipe for some really yummy looking jam turnovers that also seem to require practically no work in terms of mixing!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Still floating

Actually floating is maybe the wrong word, being swept along in a raging current actually seems more likely. however I am keeping afloat, just. Hopefully I will still be able to say the same in a weeks time when I will have handed in 2 bits of coursework, and will be just about to take my Rainbows on an overnight stay.
Just to keep you guys in the loop I have a job interview tomorrow, and we'll see what happens. I promise to put some skiing photos up soon, I'm just waiting for my younger brother to upload them to Facebook.
Come back tomorrow and I promise a return of Fix-it-Friday.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Fontainebleau fun!

Ok, I am officially back from my jet-set Easter and have some photos to share. This is going to be a very short post as I have soooo much stuff to do. Two essays are due in next week and only one of them is even started!

And yes I did split my trousers, it was an awesome week, that will hopefully be repeated!