Saturday, 1 November 2008

why do we teach? Might be something to do with this!

I just got back from a week in mid wales with my parents and some friends. It was just what the doctor ordered, I feel ready to face the next 7 weeks. We got up to an awful lot, I'm going to put a few photos here, if you want to see more then feel fre to click on them to go to my flickr page. If you're beady eyed you'll also notice some progress with the Christmas knitting, not telling who for though!

Hot tub at the cottage
The cottage had a hot tub... after some days it was very much needed, I've not done this much exercise in ages!
A cold wet mountain walk
The scenery was beautiful, and the weather even obliged on occasion.

A wet bike ride
Though you can see from this picture how much it had rained... yes that is a bike nearly underwater.
Snowy forest
Oh and it snowed... lots.. enough that we were wading thigh deep later in the day, that got boring pretty quickly so we cut that walk short. It's not meant to snow this much in October!
A snowy walk

I also found when I uploaded these photos a couple more climbing shots from the last club trip away, I'll put those up soon!