Thursday, 9 February 2012

Freezing Fog

The snow missed Wales. I've had a few people place orders from the shop saying not to worry about rushing out to post, but alas, we got the rain, cooled down the air nicely in time for it to snow over the Midlands.

The exact same thing is meant to happen today, so yet again we'll get rain falling on frozen ground which should make for a pleasant driving experience. It was cold last night, colder than we realised, because yet again our water pipes have frozen. Our water comes from a spring 2 fields behind our house, comes down via a skinny pipe that is sot of buried, somewhere...
Turns out that somewhere isn't quite deep enough when it drops below -5C, if we forget to leave a tap running overnight we have no water in the morning.

In exchange for no snow, we have had some rather cold weather and some freezing fog, it's made everywhere look very pretty, if a little eerie.

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