Sunday, 3 June 2012


One thing I love about the knitting and spinning community is it is just that. A community, I can show up anywhere, meet a group of people, and the only thing we have in common is our love of fiber. We sit, we reach out our yarn, or fibre, and we start to talk. To start off with it's about what we're knitting, or what we're spinning, but in half an hour there will be half a dozen different conversations going on, and the next thing you know it's 6 hours later and you really should be getting home, but you really don't want to.

I did just that on Saturday, I turned up at a strangers house, was fed beautiful home cooked food, and talked, and spun, and knitted, and talked.
(L-R, Sheelagh, LittleMy)

We had all talked originally because of our involvement in this group on Ravelry. I've made no secret of my feelings on the dealings of ACM and Kerrie Allman, I happen to believe that what she has done is very wrong, and that she should not be allowed to continue to scam people out of money. This group of ladies happen to feel the same, this lovely lady (Pompom) was visiting the UK from Australia, so we decided to make the post of the opportunity and meet up. 

She won't thank me for this picture, but I did promise here I'd include a picture of someone stuffing a scone with cltted cream in her mouth, she just doesn't know it was of her!

Speaking of Scones, our hostess had been baking them for us that morning, served with clotted cream and strawberries they were beautiful. 

(No1Alicat, SallyH)

And none of them turned out to be axe murderers either....