Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fibre East

For the first time this year I got to go to a fibre festival as just me! No stall, no stock, just me with money in my pocket, and a whole day of freedom.

First job of the day was to drop off my Woolsack cushion so I had room in the shopping bag for purchases.

Woolsack cushion

This is me with the lovely Jane who runs the whole Woolsack project. In summary it's part of the cultural Olympiad and aims to give all the Athletes coming to London for the Olympic and Paralympic Games a cushion made of British wool.  The response from Athletes has been fantastic so they would love to have more cushions, details of how to join in are on their website.  (I'm currently churning out another one, as is Mum)

After that the day all passed in a bit of a blur, it's a 4 hour drive for me so I didn't get to spend as long as  I would have liked, but I did get to catch up with lots of friends, and the fleece collection in the caravan has been added to!

I also got to meet the fantastic Sheer Sheep and his collection of sheep, I was very good and resisted having one of them shorn to order however.

The weather on the Sunday was beautiful, though the weather on Friday night had unfortunately meant that the site became rather muddy, particularly for the Saturday visitors. However,I've been to shows where the conditions underfoot were far worse, and as you can see from this picture, by Sunday the sun had come out.

Was it worth the 8 hour round trip, definitely, will I be back next year, yes, though I've yet to decide if I'll keep it as my festival off, or if I'll apply for a stall.