Monday, 13 February 2012

Making space

Progress with the barn has no reached the point where moving in and starting to use the upstairs as a work place is becoming a reality. For months I've known that I will be moving in, but it's only now that it actually seems real!
The work space and storage has been tentatively planned, I'm not sure about the actual logistics until I try to move everything in, and actually use the space.
However, one thing has become apparent, there are certain things that need to go!

When I blend fibres on my hackle I'm left with a small section of fluff on the tines. These are the shorter lengths of fibre, they're still lovely and soft, and just fine to use. I've mostly been using them to create my hand spun yarns, and some of them go in various felting kits. However, as I've stepped up production in preparation for Wonderwool, the amount of fluff has been piling up faster than I can use it.

I've listed it in 100g lots, priced at £3. The actual fibres are of the same quality as the rest of the things in the shop, it just doesn't look as neat and pretty!

I spin straight from the cloud of fibre when I create corespun yarns, but you can also card this fibre really successfully. If you wanted a larger quantity, I probably have more....

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  1. what a beautiful light and airy place, lucky you!