Thursday, 2 October 2008

In the post today

silk/cashmere blend
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Lookie what I got. It's soooo beautiful, and was sent to me for free, there are some beautiful people out there. It's cashmere/silk and sooo soft, it will hopefully become a beautiful shawl. thank you sparkle duck, hopefully I can do it justice when I knit it up.

Monday, 29 September 2008

living for the weekend

Unfortunately this has become my life, I count down days until the weekend (1 down 4 to go), and until half term holidays (4 weeks left...) however it does make sure I get out and enjoy my weekends, those 2 days are now so precious that I can't bear to waste them.

This was what I spent my weekend doing... yes that is a barbeque, and errr yes that is the Peak District, and yes it's that time of year again when half of the university freshers(not quite, though it felt like it) descend upon a small quarry filled with chossy, grassy rubbish climbs to be introduced to the art of climbing, and to the surprise of all us experienced climbers enjoy it. I spent most of the day manning a barbeque cooking 130 burgers, and trying to be nice...

(PS if you want to argue with me about the ethics of this if you are a climber please send me an email and keep it away from here, my blog is my happy place, any nasty comments will just get deleted.)

PPS. Thank Laurie for letting me use your piccies, they're much better than mine would be anyway!