Friday, 18 April 2008


Yesterday my Mum told me off. Apparently I don't update my blog enough. In defense I am very busy at the moment, I'm taking my Rainbows on an overnight tomorrow, and have had 2 essays to n=hand in this week, and it's been 2 friends birthdays.
I've also had a job interview, imagine my surprise when I woke up to this...

I really should have taken it as an omen when I cleared 3 inches of snow off my car. Not only did I get very lost on the way there, but the school was dreadful, I've never been made to feel less welcome at an interview. The Head and Deputy seemed nice, but the Head of Science was just odd, and most of the department was off on a course so I didn't even get to meet the people I'd be working with. That combined with they could only find 16 Year 8 pupils to share between two candidate set alarm bells ringing. I left before the formal interview started.

Also excitingly my new sock yarn arrived, in the most yummy colours. It all came from The Yarn Yard and teh lovely Natalie could not have been more helpful, and my order arrived in super quick time. One has already been wound in to a ball and socks for Ves's birthday (which was on Tuesday) have been started. I'm being a bit experimental with these, they're been done toe up, both previous pair have been top down, and have a very pretty pattern which you can get free from here.For progress you can see teh sidebar which is linked to my Ravelry account.

Anyway, I'd best leave you with my fix-it-friday contribution, which this week is this site. On here are all the archives of the NASA pictures of the day. I found this site when I was looking for images for a lesson on space and spent far to much time looking at the amazing pictures including this one.

and this one-