Tuesday, 11 December 2007

What a day

I've had one of those days, a day that has driven me to thinking I need to get a more anonymous blog, as I'm not comfortable about putting all of it out here. As a result I've created a new anonymous blog, if you're a regular reader and you want the new address please email me and I'll redirect you. The only reason I'm going anonymous is I don't want kids googling my name and finding what I might have written about them.

Anyway, Lex is not very well at the moment. He's at home for the foreseeable future, and is signed off work until January. As a result I'm home alone, and last night I really needed some company. Rather than sit and get miserable I took myself off shopping. I've found the most gorgeous dress, and shoes and jewelry. and while shopping is not always the solution just knowing I have the most drop dead gorgeous outfit is enough to put a smile on my face.

Today was not a good day, I don't want to wonder wether a kid is going to lose it and wonder what I need to do if he/she starts swinging clamp stands around. I don't want to be made to feel inadequate by the teacher who's meant to be helping me, I want my class to do their homework so I can actually praise them instead of shouting at them. My supervisor at school described me as looking like I'd done 8 rounds in a boxing match today, and that was after 1 lesson.

Anyway the Rainbows are getting their end of term treat decorating pottery tonight which will be fun, and I can get a sympathetic ear on today from my unit helpers.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Finished-now with photos

Two posts in a day but if I don't stick the pictures of the finished article up, I won't get chance for ages.
Here they are.
My Elf stichette stocking, I've only done 1, the other is being made this week, patterns courtesy of Hilary at Wee Wonderfuls.

And my advent calender, idea courtesy of Jenny at allsorts

and I must say I'm very pleased with both, now I'm just going to add some paper snowflakes, once I work out to hang them in rented accommodation without doing damage.

crazy work

Yes I am still snowed under with work. I'm currently looking at a pile of work that has been done to an abysmal standard, it's enough to drive you to drink. I'm still trying to make my advent calender, it might be done by Christmas, and I'm still making my stockings, though one is now done...
The following photo is very bad, but has been taken on my laptop web cam, as I just can't be bothered to find my proper camera. You can see the first stocking on the left.
Better photos of it and the advent calender will follow when I get chance.