Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Normally I'm not one for getting mega enthusiastic about products, I like things that work, and usually only make a fuss when they don't!
However there are a couple of things that I can talk, and talk about...
Both have recently arrived through the post!.

The new Mac Operating system is out, has sold 2million copies since Friday, and is just wonderful. there are a few little niggles, a couple of things I'll be looking out for a hack to change, but apart from that there is so much stuff I've already used. Of particular note is time machine, it automatically backs up your computer, and you can go back to any point in time, so if you delete a file and realise you need it 2 weeks later you can go and find it, and get it back!
I'm also liking Spaces, I've already used it, and I've not even been working on my computer that much, imagine having 4 screens you can move things between, so I actually stand a chance of being organised!

On an organisational note does anyone know if it's possible to convert a microsoft access database in to a format I can actually use.... they don't make access for macs, and I've tried using open office/neo office but they don't open it, and I can convert the files in to excel but then I have to completely recreate the database....
Just throwing it out there, seriously, please help me!

On a pretty girly note my parcel from Lush has arrived, and I love love love Lush, partly as it appeals to my environmental side, of course a solid shampoo not in a bottle, they reckon that your carbon footprint is 1000 times smaller by using solid stuff. The other reason I love it is that it works, and smells delightful, I can still small the parcel that arrived, I'm not going to go in to the contents as they're a present, but they're just gorgeous.