Friday, 23 May 2008


Todays post has taken a bit of deliberation. I mostly avoid talking about knitting on here, I have ravelry for that, and this isn't a knitting blog. However when I first started out knitting I had no idea how much wonderful stuff there was out there, (or how much some of it costs!). I decided for todays post to summarise where I buy stuff from (Mum you should maybe stop reading now, of course I'm not spending all of my bursary on this!)

Some sites however are places to get some absolute bargains from, even better they're all UK based, which is a common trouble I ran in to. So many places have links to lovely stuff, but it's all in the USA.

1) New Lanark
I can't quite believe how little they're charging for their wool. a 100g ball of DK weight costs just £1... I'm making my whole honeycomb vest in it for less than £8 including postage....

2) Get Knitted
This place isn't the cheapest, but they are the only place to stock the knit picks needles in the UK. I love their needles, in fact I have just used by Grandads"congratulattions n getting a job" money to buy the interchangable set. I've also just bought this . Who could refuse colours like this.

3)No post about yarn could be complete without a link to the Yarn Yard.
All of Natalies stuff is hand dyed and really reasonably priced. I love the feel of her sock yarn, and have just bought some yarn to use in my first shawl to take part in Seasons of Lace.

4)Finally is a Texere Yarns where I've not yet got my order from, but the prices are ridiculous. I've just bought some Alpaca for £3.30 per 50g ball, you'll have to trust me if you don't knit, but that's stupidly cheap! Their customer service seems really good to. I ordered last night and they were out of stock of the colour I ordered I got an email immediately today asking me to pick another yarn as a substitution. the yarn I picked is on clearance which is why they were out of stock.

Anyway, if yarn isn't so much your thing then be sure to head over to Jo and there is bound to be a post from somebody where you'll learn something new.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

New Haircut

Crikey it needs to be the weekend, like now...
I have had enough of kids, along with just about every teacher in the place. Most of them however get half term, I simply get the bank holiday off and am then in university every day. The battery recharge will have to wait.
I changed my facebook status on Monday to one that expressed uncertainty about my new haircut, as one of my friends pointed out, how is anyone meant to express an opinion if they can't see a picture. So for your approval and comments I thought I'd post a picture.

The photo was taken at 7.30am, which might explain the slightly vacant look on my face.
Anyway, come back tomorrow for a fix-it-friday post, hopefully I will feel a bit more alive then, though after taking a group of guides ice skating tonight I somehow doubt it.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Waffle house socks

It's been a while since I talked about knitting on here, but I have just finished my latest pair of socks (that's 3 so far).
They're really pretty so I wanted to share with those of you that can't get on to Ravelry. The yarn is from the Yarn Yard, and is really beautiful, I've only put them on to photograph as they're a present, but I really don't want to take them off!

Next up is some socks for me, now to decide on a pattern!