Thursday, 3 September 2009

Summer is over

The only tomato of summer. I'm back at work and the rain is falling, I love it as I have no objections to being indoors. My tomato plants on the other hand are disapproving. There are very small green tomatoes on them but the plants themselves are dying.... Luckily the tomato tasted delicious, delicious to make me try again next year!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Today I am sprawled on a sofa moaning about my aching limbs. This is why I have aching limbs!
Tiled Floor
I spent yesterday helping to tile the floor at my aunties cottage. The tiles in question are 2 foot square, and the floor is no where near level. It was not an easy task!
Afterwards we sat out in what is going to be the front garden and enjoyed what will probably be the last barbeque of the year.
The building site

In knitting news, I'm actually finishing things, the latest victim of my get things done list is this lacy Baktus knitted using Yarn Yard Bonny.
Lacy Baktus

I'm relaxing over the weekend, and then back to work on Thursday..... I am looking forward t it, honest!