Saturday, 15 September 2012


Yesterday I drove over to Welshpool to watch the start of Tour of Britain cycle race. For the non-clycling fans out there it's pretty similar to the Tour de France, except it doesn't last for as many days, not as many of the big teams compete, and the hills aren't as big as the Alps or Pyrenees. 
The Welsh stage of the race traditionally leaves from Powis Castle which is down the road from me, and this year I decided to make the effort to go and watch the start of the race. British cycling has never been more popular, and it showed, the number of fans there was huge, and getting off the car park at the end was something of a competitive event in itself!

The team buses, cars and vans all pulled up in to the main car park, and most people milled around, waiting to spot famous rider, and pointing at very expensive bikes. Highlight of the morning was when one of the Garmin cars reversed over a bike that had been left leaning on the back bumper. I suspect that was a rather expensive oops...

Until however, the Sky bus pulled up. It was the only bus to have it's own barriers erected round it, and with in seconds the crowds were 10 deep...


This was about as close as I got to Mark Cavendish, however, I'm so glad I went because having a British road racing champion is pretty special. 


Even getting in a position to see the start line was something of a competitive event.


There are still a couple of days racing left and if you live near the route then it's well worth popping out for half an hour to watch them go past.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


My younger brother is home for the weekend, and his first comment was "you've not shown the pictures of the finished deck on your blog", so just for you Nick, and because you worked very hard building it, here's the finished decking.

I no longer have a 2 metre drop out of the door, instead I can stroll out and sit in the sunshine. 

Of course, Nick doesn't get to come home and just have a relaxing weekend, he and Dad are currently on the roof of the workshop replacing the roofing. Maybe someday we'll finish all the jobs that need doing...