Thursday, 3 May 2012

Little birds, big personalities

One of the nice things about Wonderwool was chatting to people who read here. It would seem that my slightly mad little chickens have their very own fan club so I thought I'd better share a few more pictures of them.

They spend most of their time rampaging through the sheep field behind the house. They gave the sheep a few scares at first, but they seem to get along fine now. Give them a call though, and they scuttle back through the fence at great speed. They can pick up a fair pace if they use a bit of wing assistance. For such little birds they eat a huge amount, and every time they see you they expect a treat of some sort!

Boyo the cockerel does a great job at keeping them all in order. He takes great delight in finding something yummy and calling his favourites over. He doesn't really crow that much, but the noise the girls make more than compensates. For such little chickens they are incredibly loud, and they talk to each other almost constantly. 
The weather here has been dreadful for the past few days so they spent lots of time hiding in their house. We set it up with the door facing away from the prevailing wind, but of course, this week, the wind had blown down the valley, not up, so they've had rather a lot of rain blowing in. A wet and bedraggled bantam is capable of looking very miserable!

Monday, 30 April 2012


photo A massive thank you to everyone who came and squeezed themselves in to my stall at Wonderwool. I seemed to spend most of Saturday stood out in the middle of the aisle, and it was great to see so many people oohing and ahhing over 3 months worth of hard work. Neext year I will see about getting a bigger stall so I can fit a few more of you in! I put my heart and soul in to HilltopCloud, and it was the first time I'd had feedback from people in person, I still have a happy little glow when I think about it! If you braved the weather on Sunday, then thank you for your patience, by lunchtime I was really getting chilly, and thinking longingly of a hot bath, and a warm bed. Now I just need to get ready to do it all again up at the Lake District and Woolfest at the end of June.