Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My little brother

We're a competitive family... for years my brother and I competed about GCSE and A-Level results. My parents were the first generation of their families to go on to further education, they met at teaching training college, pretty impressive considering my Dad still doesn't have a Maths O-Level.
It was always expected that my brother and I would go to university, I went to Sheffield and got my BSC in Biology with a 2:1, Nick however had to go one better. A week ago he graduated, a First Class Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. He starts his PhD in September.
The Boy done good...

Sunday, 24 July 2011



Just up the road from us is Lake Vyrnwy, it was built by the Victorians to provide fresh drinking water for Liverpool, in true Victorian fashion even the water tower is ornate. Doesn't the photo above look like something from Europe?

Everywhere around here is "off the beaten track" very few people walk the footpaths through these hills, stiles are old and falling down. Lots of the fence posts were covered in Lichen. Such beautiful colours and textures.



The dogs had a great time pouncing through the grass pretending to be wolves, at times all your could see was Gwen's wagging tail!