Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spin spider spin...

Or actually, maybe not... if I was a spider I'd make very few webs.
This latest yarn has taken me ages to spin, it's a blend of merino, silk, nylon and real silver strands in a luminous blue.


So blue, it's nearly impossible to photograph, throw in the silver reflecting all the light and this was the best I could manage.


As a finished yarn though I love it, nearly 2 years after I started spinning I feel like I'm getting to the point where I can make the finished yarn I could see in my head. Good job really, as there might be more spinning in my future....

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Anyone want a party ring?

Yet again I spent the first weekend in March helping out with the High Peak Marathon this is my 7th year helping with the event, and my first time manning a check point for several years.
I met up with some old friends from uni, and we spent the night crammed in to a tent up on Bleaklow catching up and appreciating some of my Mum's homemade wine.
We eventually decided some sleep was in order, as the first runners start coming through our checkpoint at about 4am....

Having already run over 20 miles we welcomed them to our wild west themed checkpoint with offers of Party Rings , most seemed a little confused, though not nearly as confused as us when we saw a team emerge out of the mist accompanied by a collie dog (who seemed in better shape than most of the team!), I think they eventually finished in a time of about 10 hours, that is one fit dog!


Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures as the mist rolled in as the dawn broke, making everything rather grey looking, however plans are already afoot for next year, any suggestions for our theme?
The lone ranger would like to know!