Thursday, 16 April 2009

Lazy Day

I'm having a lazy day today. Yesterday I rushed around like a loon, doctors, hairdressers, tried to give blood but Haemoglobin was too low by a lousy 0.1 (apparently being 12.4 instead of 12.5 matters.....) buying an iPhone, buying some new summer teaching clothes, new bras, checking my Duke of Edinburgh group was alive and safe and going to the pub.

After all that I feel justified in looking out of the window at a grey patch of sky and deciding to get some job applications done. Good job as well, 2 were due in tomorrow. Luckily one is close enough to be hand delivered and the other one is very much not (are you intrigued) but could be done on line. I have an interview when we get back and over all I'm not concerned about the job situation, I feel I'm filling enough applications while still being picky about where I apply to.

Time for some relaxation for the afternoon, I'll sort out what we're doing with Rainbows on Tuesday and for the rest of teh term tomorrow!

Monday, 13 April 2009

I've just got back from a weekend in sufolk with some famly friends. Not wanting to bore you all senseless here's a potted history if the weekend.
Tequila Slammers
25 mile bike ride
Beer in the sunny garden
Pub meal
Guitar Hero (Dragon Force baby!)
Walk to the sea
Heard a Bittern
More Guitar Hero
Arrows in the woods
Bracken in my bra
A 2 hour traffic jam

When you put it like that it all sounds very normal....