Thursday, 23 October 2008

One down, 5 to go

I have just completed my first half term as a teacher, 8 whole weeks of proper teaching, proper timetable, nobody looking over my shoulder teaching! We're just about to get the new batch of PGCE students in to school, I saw a copy of their timetable yesterday and gasped. I'd forgotten how little I used to teach. I remember all to well how tired it used to make me though!

I'm just off to the end of half term social with all the other science staff. I feel so lucky to be in such a wonderful department, I was chatting with my mentor today and she complemented me on well I was doing, how well I fitted in, and how organised I had been. it feels good to be told I'm doing a good job!

Anyway, the pub is calling!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Another year, another weekend in Wales...

A few selected photos from this weekend. Saturday was spent climbing, for which I have no photos.. hopefully my younger brother will put the ones he took up on Facebook soon. All the ones above are from sunday when the weather was mostly rainy and windy so we went to Dinorwic slate quarries just above Llanberis. The abandoned industrial setting is both bleak but in it's own way beautiful. Seeing the quarries when they were being fully worked before the age of true mechanization must have been amazing.

The tyre shot is what happens when a minibus tyre tries to argue with a rock and looses, luckily they're double wheeled so we made it to a car park before we even realised anything was wrong!

I'm keeping it short and sweet for this post, I'll be away on holiday for all of next week, if I don't squeeze in another post between now and then it will be because life has caught up with me again...

I'm off to unravel a sock heel that took me 2 hours to knit, because I was in denial about how large the heel needs to be on a mans sock.. this thing is child sized, why it took me so long to come to my sense I have no idea!

Monday, 20 October 2008

We have a winner! (and a loser)

Well the winner part is Han5nah T. the Manatee, I used a random number generator to pick a comment number and then just counted from the top and hers was the one I got to. I'll put them in the post as soon as I get an address.

The loser on the other hand would be me, the reason for me falling off the face of the blog last week was a crazy busy week made worse by the lack of a car. My brand new car broke down 1 week after I got it, and then spent a week in the garage due to the part that arrived being faulty! I finally got it back today, and managed to drive all of 500 metres before I got stuck in the middle of the junction with no power in a repeat of the same problem that was supposed to be fixed.... I'm ringing the guy I bought it from tomorrow. Spending £700 on a car I only just bought has broke my heart!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll post some pretty pictures of my trip to Wales this weekend, tonight I need to sleep, cooking for 60 people and driving a minibus about all weekend will do that to a girl!