Tuesday, 4 March 2008

What do I need to do?

I just had my 3rd job interview, and yet again didn't get the job. yet again I was told that I cam across really well, that I am going to be a good teacher, and that I will get a job really quickly, however yet again I have finished the day without a job. It's really early days with teaching jobs, but I just want to get this sorted, I am sick off filling in application forms which are all different, but basically asking for the same information. I am sick of trying to plan a perfect interview lesson that I will probably never use again, and I am sick of the stress of worrying about being late, and wether it will all go ok.

Anyway, I had a night off from Rainbows this week as I didn't know when I would be back and it was lovely, still didn't spare me from needing to fill in district commissioner paperwork though. It's a good job I have a busy week though, as it's going to take my mind off it nicely, tomorrow and Thursday night are meetings realted to the High Peak Marathon ( see here and here for details), and then Friday will be spent driving around the Peak District with lots of smelly runners and checkpointers.

Sunday, 2 March 2008


I went shopping today, I've not shopped in ages. Yes I've been food shopping, but that's not proper shopping! While I had a list and I bought everything on that list I am very easily distracted, today's impulse purchases; new pajama bottoms in black and pink and a pair of gorgeous purple boots that were reduced from £70 to £25, bargain!
In even better news I'm going skiing this year, I had really wanted to, but it wasn't looking possible, however my Mum rang me this afternoon and asked me if I'd like to go the week after I get back from climbing in France at Easter! Score! We're off to Bansko in Bulgaria, where apparently a bottle of beer is 80p, sounds like my kind of place!

Even better it's only 2 weeks until I get to go on holiday!