Wooly Links

A selection of useful resources I've picked up. None of them are my creations, but if I've mentioned them here it's because I think they're worth looking at.

Introduction to Spinning Part 1 and Part 2 This is probably the most comprehensive video out there
Winding On- A section from the Respect the Spindle DVD/Download from Interweave (also really worth watching, but it's not free)
Drop Spindle Basics- YouTube video, by Abbie Franquemont

Ply on the Fly- Not recommended for beginners, but once you've mastered your spindle this is a pretty nifty trick for plying as you spin.

Types of Fibre, Fleece, and Sheep Breeds
World of Wool- Different fibres and chracterics, different sheep breeds, wool terminology
Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook- Possibly the bible on all things sheep (and some non- sheep breeds). Worth every penny if you have any interest in different breeds of sheep.

Long draw from top or roving- YouTube video
English Long Draw and using Hand Carders- YouTube video
Navajo Plying- Creating a 3 ply yarn from a single bobbin, also preserves colours in fibre. YouTube Video

Colour design Blending fibres to get the colour you want.- YouTube video
Random Stripe Generator
Colour Scheme Designer
Colour Palette Generator- Make a palette of colours from a photo

Online charting software

Two handed Fair Isle Technique
Short Row Heel photo tutorial
Shoe Size and Length convertor- How long to make your socks
Weaving in Ends
Seaming and Joining Techniques
The Easiest Provisional Cast on- Uses inter-changable needles.