Friday, 1 February 2008


It is yet again time for fix it Friday hosted by Jo at Tangled Me
I have just completed my first week in school, and am feeling quite positive about the whole thing, particularly as I don't have much to do this weekend, all my lessons for next week are planned!

I'm finally getting used to getting up at 6.45am, and am actually starting to enjoy driving to school and seeing the sun rise; it's been beautiful all week. Today is meant to be the big day we get snow, and what a disappointment it's been. So far there is not even a scattering of snow on the ground!

Anyway here's my contribution to this weeks fix-it-

A cute little pointy kitty. If you want to make your own then you can find the pattern here at Wee Wonderfuls.

If you do make one then my advice is to be really careful turning it inside out and stuffing it, I did rip mine in a couple of places and had to rescue it, which has lead to a few untidy bits.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Life is getting busy again. I just started full time on my second placement. I will be taking over a Year 8 and Year 7 class starting next Monday, I can start planning as soon as I know where they are in the topic. I also have a mountain of meetings this week. I was meant to go climbing tonight, then when I double checked I remembered I have a meeting tonight, so had to cancel. I then have Rainbows tomorrow, followed by a meeting with my mentor, followed by I think another meeting on Wednesday. Crikey!

On a more exciting note I have nearly finished my blanket, all the leaves are sewed together thanks to my Mum, and I am just finishing off the border. On the down side, it's tiny, the book describes it as a a cot blanket, it would barely be big enough to cover a doll in a doll cot let alone for a real baby! The solution is to knit another 3, yes 3, and sew them all together so I actually have something of a decent size.
That however can come later. I have had my fill of purple wool and a leaf motif.