Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Unfinished Business

I've been living in my barn for nearly 6 months now. I love it, and it suits me perfectly, it no longer looks as neat and tidy as it did when I first showed you the photos, but that's how it goes when you live in, and run a business from this small a space.
On any given day the bannisters are being used to finish drying fibre, or handspun, and most surfaces are covered with fibre, either in progress, or finished bags waiting to be photographed, put away, or posted out.

One thing though is in need of finishing. The top door of the barn used to be at the same level as the bank, the builders had to dig out the soil to get round the back to lay the drains, leaving me with this for the last 6 months!

That's roughly a 2m drop, not the best thing to be facing on the other side of the door!

The plan was to build a deck floating over that space, reaching out to the grass slope, meaning I can use the door to get in and out, and giving me an outdoor space to sit and work in. 

After a couple of hours work the base is in place, Dad and my younger brother will start on the bracing, and the deck tomorrow.

When it's done I'll be able to sit and admire this view whenever I want.