Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Today is cold and rainy. It feels like a proper winter day, none of this snowy rubbish of which we seem to have had so much. Instead a nice cold heavy drizzle, lovely!
This week is crazy busy, mostly thanks to Rainbows, parents evening and it's that time of year again, our annual 42 mile marathon run overnight around the Peak District. Of course I am not daft enough to run in it, but I am daft enough to volunteer to spend Friday night driving a minibus about, helping keep them all safe and fed.
Now the only question, which sock yarn do I wind up tomorrow to do some plain and simple socks as patterned knitting isn't going to happen. My Ravelry stash page is here, I'm currently thinking this,
which deserves the chance to shine all by itself, but I'm open to suggestions. Non-Rav users then you can have a look at my stash set on Flickr over in the side bar.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

and I was doing so well

I really am a horribly sporradic blogger, sometimes life just catches up with me. This week has been like that. Since I last posted on Monday I've had my rainbow meeting, a knitting night, a load of shopping to do to send the climbing club on a trip to Scotland, another knitting night, a meal out with all my district guiders and an international selection weekend. As well as going to work it's been rather busy, next week looks like being no better!
So just to satisfy those who like to keep an eye on my knitting here's some latest projects.
Oven Mitt and pot holder
My first felted project, an oven mitt and pot holder knitted out of some left over Lambs Pride Worsted held double, these are being saved away as a present.
And a new sock
Cornish Scallop socks
Knitted out of the most wonderful yarn that Natalie at The Yarn Yard claims she had me partly in mind when she was dying!
January sock club

Speaking of knitting I need to get on with my large lace wrap.