Thursday, 11 June 2009

This I believe

Freely stolen from Karen Sugarpants, also I've had 3 pints, and it's past my bed time, these responses may not reflect the sober conscious thinking of the writer....

I'm the woman who

- will tell it like its is (yes this sometimes causes hurt feelings, I'm working on it)

-is fiercely loyal to friends and companies whose ethos I like.

-knows how to put together my own flat pack furniture.

-can tile and wallpaper and paint.

-loves singing as I'm driving, no matter what the passengers think

- has a healthy amount of love for her macbook

- will spend hours trying to help a child if I can see they are putting an equal amount of effort in.

-will freely give up my time to educate and do things for children that are not my own.

-can't believe it took her so long to discover real ale and everytime I drink something different am reminded why I love it so much

-has discovered something she is talented at and can't wait to find time to design more patterns in the future.

-needs to loose half a stone, curse those extra frees and large supplies of freely available cake!

- loves her life and wouldn't change it for the world.

What about you?

Sunday, 7 June 2009

I think the weather gods don't like me

Two weekends away camping this year and the weather has been identical for both. For those of you at the back not paying attention; I mean rain, and lots of it. Enough to flood a supposed wet weather shelter. Poor guides who I took camping for the first time didn't know what hit them. One bonus it stopped raining for long enough to dry the tentsand take them down. The rain started just in time for us to go home.

Guide camp in the torrential rain
Guide camp in the torrential rain.

Click for bigger versions. The last time I experienced rain like it was when I was in Thailand at the end of the rainy season...