Monday, 24 December 2012

The Rain

It's rained.... a lot.
It's rained on top of ground that was already saturated, the rain has never really stopped all summer, you might remember the flooding in the Aberystwyth area earlier this summer. Six months on and we've got floods again.
Every time I mention rain and flooding there are always some very kind people who post or tweet asking me if we're ok. We're actually quite a long way inland and it's the rain that falls on us that causes the flooding down river. We went for a walk yesterday morning, after a day of rain and already the water levels in the river was dropping, the floods rise quickly and fall quickly round here.

This is the River Dugoed at the bottom of our valley, we live around 30metres above the height of the river, it also runs through a very steep cut gorge, the noise of the river is incredible, but if it ever reaches our house then the apocalypse has probably arrived!

Oh, and it's still raining...