Saturday, 13 September 2008


No not the excellent first album by the Kaiser Chiefs, but jobs, like it or not we all need one unless you are very very lucky. however i would argue that we still all need something to do, everyone needs to feel their day has purpose.
I've just got back from a climbing instruction session and have remembered why I could never do it as a job, if I am truly honest I find it boring, there is absolutely no mental stimulation for me, I'd start going stir crazy. My job as a teacher on the other hand makes me feel alive, I come home tired but happy, knowing that I've worked hard and also that my brain has had to work, pitting yourself against a class of 15 year olds will do that to you!
Some people go to work because they just want to earn a living to support their lifestyle, I work because I can't imagine not working, I need to have my brain put to work each day.

Anyway serious post over, your usual light hearted babbling will resume tomorrow or maybe a bit later!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


I promise I've not forgotten about all of you, but I've been a little busy and am knitting things that are unbloggable as they're gifts... the possibly recipients are just going o have to sweat it out and see if they get lucky! This could be a common theme as Christmas arrives. Now what did I used to blog about before knitting?

Anyway, I've just signed up to do IComLeavWe again, the link is over on my side bar, you basically sign up to visit 5 blogs on the list over at Stirrup Queen's and return 1 comment that has been left on your own blog every day for the last week of September. Hopefully I'll have time, if you want to join the fun then head over and sign up.

I'm currently engaged in a power struggle with my Year 8 class, I have one child who does not care what I say or do to him and is openly rude and defiant, I tried the making things personal "I don't like it when you do that, I'd much rather you did this instead", I've tried the in your face shouting that has reduced lesser kids to tears, I've tried the refusing to argue tactic, in fact you name it, I've tried it. He's finally been placed in the school's discipline system as I have had enough, and run out of ideas. I taught 1 lesson before lunch time, and as a result of this power struggle was exhausted by then. I'm not going to let this keep happening, as I just don't get paid enough to have my blood pressure altered in this manner, by just one kid! and you know what, the rest of the class deserve better to, he should not be taking up this much of my time, I think I need to really crack on with the school discipline policy and stop giving him chances.
Anyway, it feels better having got this out, and I now feel clearer about what I am going to do to him, thank you for listening!

I'm rushing off as I need to cook some tea before I go out knitting, enjoy your Tuesday evening everyone!