Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Remember the awesome time I had this weekend?
Well on one climb I really banged my knee, loud enough that my Mum standing 3 metres away heard it! This would be the result, ouch!

Climbing knee

Monday, 20 April 2009

Summer feels like it's here

I spent sunday climbing with my family and it was a wonderful end to the holidays. I've gone back to work today feeling ready to carry on and looking forward to the day. The sun shone all day and has left me with my first sun burn of the year (not to self, time for the sun cream to back in the rucsac!). I think I climbed as well as I've done in a very long time and just generally relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine. It was one of those days where the photos don't really do it justice, and quite rightly Mum kept her hands on the ropes and didn't take pictures while I was doing my hardest lead (Technical Slab at The Roaches HS 4b if you know your climbing).
However here you go-

Roaches April 09

Roaches April 09
This is not me or any of my family, just an impressive looking climb (The Sloth HVS) an one of the most famous in this country. The route I did goes to the right up the blanker looking slab bit...
Roaches April 09
(Yes this is me!)
Roaches April 09 There would have been more of this one but Mum managed to take video instead mostly featuring trees....