Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Bad Blogger!

Yet again, I'm being a bad blogger, no I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, it's just that I've got a bit busy all of a sudden. Anyway, i have a lovely long post planned out, with lots to talk about!

Right, first things first, currently at parents house busy working at the climbing wall. Lex has started his new job, is currently home alone, and apparently misses me, though not so much he's not going to watch the start of the Tour de France in London this weekend, and not see me until Sunday, at which point I go home for more work!

Work today was not an experience I want tomorrow, we were out at the Roaches with a private school, and it rained, and rained, and rained, in torrents. All the kids ended up in the emergency shelter due to having no waterproofs, while I faced the rain and took the ropes down. Despite having £200 waterproofs I was drenched, every waterproof has a big design flaw, the holes for your hands and head, and when it's running down your face and down your neck it doesn't matter how expensive the waterproof is! (And breath, mammoth sentence there!) Anyway, I was soaked, just need to get everything dry now.

Ok next, according to the Gender Genie , I write like a man (found courtesy of Jo). Basically it analyses text from your blog, and looks for certain words which are typically masculine or feminine. My score comes out at Female Score: 776, Male Score: 1016, so it's a close thing but I'm still a little upset, well you know what I mean....

Finally, I am considering myself tagged by Niobe, for the eight things about you meme. Errrr eight things about me that you might not know

1) Until the age of 19 I lived in the same house for all but 2 weeks of my life.
2)Age 13 I did the Juan de Fuca Trail on Vancouver Island, all 47Km of it, over 5 days, carrying everything we needed.
3)I have an Aunty who lives in America, and an uncle in Australia.
4) Aged 18 I travelled to Thailand by myself.
5) I have entered and won prizes in Floral art Competitions
6) I worked at a riding stables every Friday night for nearly 6 years, and have been on 4 trail riding holidays covering about 270 miles, with another week in the saddle to come.
7) Both my mother and I are thwarted vets.
8) I love to read, like love it, I hardly ever don't have a book on the go, my mother's prediction for my future profession in my baby book was a librarian.

Right, I am now meant to tag 8 people, however I don't know 8 people who haven't already done this, if you read this and want a go then feel free.