Friday, 8 February 2008


Hip hip hooray for fix it Friday!

This week I am in a celebratory mood as I have just finished for a weeks holiday! (Well in a loose term, my Mum muttered something about Dad wanting me to do some climbing instruction tomorrow, and I know I will be spending 2 days safety checking all the equipment, and I have 1 day which is a job interview, and I have an induction session to run at the Guide Activity centre where I work, I have lessons to plan for next week, more job applications to fill out....), ok so maybe not a restful holiday but a change is as good as a rest..... right???

Today fix-it-friday is in keeping with my light hearted mood, and is purely a bit of fun. I introduce the wonderful Jenny B and her site Allsorts. While it is the site where I got the idea for my fabulous advent calender from, it s also the home of some wonderful activities that she has designed herself. I particularly like the decorate a gingerbread house, so much safer than having all those sweets for me to eat!

Have a wonderful weekend, if I don't manage to post in a while it will be because I've got my feet up with a drink being looked after by my Mum, or more likely I'm working my fingers to the bone....

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Over acheiver

No I didn't get the job, however I do have another interview on Tuesday, and there are so many jobs out there that I am feeling ok about it. Or rather I am convincing myself I am ok about it, there are times when being an over achiever for all of your life comes back to bit you!
I have never really been rejected or failed at anything, yeah I didn't get in to study veterinary science but that was more to do with the sheer number of candidates, followed by me changing my mind for the second attempt, but apart from that I achieved every target I set my mind to, including passing my driving test first time.
I know I'm not a failure, they complimented me on teaching a very good lesson, on interviewing well, and generally being a nice outgoing person, who they would have loved to have had 2 jobs so they could offer both me and the successful applicant a job. As they took nearly 3 hours to come to a decision I am inclined to believe this.

Anyway, your normal cheery service will resume tomorrow, don't forget it's fix-it-friday!
and on the bright side I got half way through my 2nd sock, I feel justified in eating pizza for tea, and I am looking forward to a nice long bath,and I am going home for a week to see my Mum and be looked after... but crikey it's at times like this I wish I lived with someone else to console me!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I have my first job interview tomorrow. I'm starting to feel slightly nervous, I am however as prepared as I can be, and am reassured by the fact that I have just had another phone call offering me another interview. That makes 2 applications sent in, and 2 interviews! I am rather pleased by that. I have told the second school I will have to let them know after the interview tomorrow if I will be attending!
For those of you who aren't aware interviews for teaching posts are a bit wierd, every candidate for the job will be there tomorrow. You spend the whole day in the school, part of it is a tour of the school , you also teach a lesson, and then have a formal interview. After the interviews the panel basically has a bit of a discussion about the candidates and then someone comes and collects the successful candidate from the waiting room. So I will know if I have got the job by sometime tomorrow!
Wish me luck!

On a slightly different note Niobe again has a really great thoughtful post up. Apparently an online literary magazine is inviting it's readers to sum up their life in 6 words. I think I'd go for- Looking for something, not sure what?
What about you?

By the way, I have completed my first sock, I will be taking the other one to occupy me tomorrow. It's not perfect but it will keep my feet warm in bed!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Do Not Get...

This meme comes courtesy of Niobe at Dead Baby Jokes.
Basically you just list 10 things you just don't get-

1) why some children are incapable of coming to school with a pen, pencil and ruler, that will preferably work all day

2) what I am going to teach at my job interview on Thursday (gulp!)

3) the Office

4) Vegetarianism, sorry I know that may upset some people, I just don't!

5) Why heeled shoes can't be magically more comfortable.

6) Why people on Facebook feel the need to invite me to add every single pointless application?

7) Why I had to spend 3 years doing my degree

8) How my freezer can be full of food but I want to eat none of it.

9) People who put everything in the fridge, there is a reason we make jam out of fruit, it's to preserve it.

10) Mustard

Basically if you like the sound of doing this then leave me a comment and go ahead.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Finished- now with photos

My first knitting project is completely finished.

Here are the photos as I know my Mum was dying to see it. It has increased in size as the border is an awful lot bigger than the size of all the motifs sewed together, so you have to stretch as you sew it together, but I definitely intend to make another 3 and sew them all together to make an actual blanket. I'll have to start thinking about colours!

I'm having a lazy day today. I got all my jobs done yesterday so I'm just relaxing doing a bit more on my socks and catching up on some sleep. I might go and bake something for this week later, and I need to decide what to have for tea!

Oh and exciting news I have my first interview this week, very exciting!