Friday, 3 April 2009


We just finished for 2 weeks, I 'm so glad I can't believe it. While I don't have the overwhelming exhaustion I had before Christmas I am very ready to have a break. To celebrate the sun seems to be shining, so much that I've had to open the window as it gets hot in my attic!

Meanwhile this Easter I have nothing workwise to do at all, I just need to plan my Rainbow meetings for next term and write a few more job applications. Oh and I've also volunteered my services as a tree surgeon again! I intend to adopt the posture of the kitty above for much of the holiday.

The picture by the way, comes from Lolcats, I' subscribed to their emails which arrive in my inbox every morning, always a funny way to start the day! Right, I might have a nap!

Monday, 30 March 2009


This is what happened on Saturday.

I was meant to be climbing, erm that kind of happened, but not enough to justify the hour drive in a minibus. In the end we called time at 2.30pm, 4 hours after we got there and 2 hours after the first snow shower. Sunday of course was bright blue skies and blazing sunshine. Combined with my broken car, mice in the house general nastiness at school, and my flat for next year falling through I'm ready to say goodbye to March. Maybe April will be better, after all 2 weeks of it are holiday time, everything seems better when you're on holiday!