Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Off on holiday

I'm just doing some tidying up of internet stuff before I leave, we got the internet working at the new house this morning (or at least I hope it still is!), I'm currently at home as I leave for horse riding in Ireland again. If you want to see the post from last year you can go here. I'll share a couple of photos with you, and say have a nice week, I'll see you next Thursday!

Everything is well at the new house, we had a house warming/birthday barbeque last night, I'll try and put the photos up of some friends climbing my garden wall in a bit. One of my housemates had a slightly sore head this morning! In the mad rush to finish off the unpacking and pack to go away today I've managed to leave my purse at home, but luckily had my Euros already packed.

Ok, here are some photos-

It started raining, Laurie decided a box was good protection from the rain.

This is our back garden wall, it has alternative uses than holding an outhouse roof up!

Monday, 30 June 2008

Tour de France Knitalong

This summer I'll be joining in with the Tour de France knitalong, see the bog button in my sidebar if you want to head over to the blog. Signups are now closed, but before the tour sets off on Thursday (which is also just as I'm heading off on holiday for a week!) we've been invited to create a blog button for our teams. 'm part of team AG2R- LaMondiale, and I'm not very good at playing with words, but I have made a blog button. Hopefully it will win me a prize!

I'm planning on knitting these-

but will be playing catch up, they are not going to fit in the saddle bags while horseriding!

As for Guide Camp, it was lovely, I'm a little sunburnt and tired as I seem to be stuck in to a pattern of waking up at 7am!
I'd now better go and start packing, meant to be moving sometime today if we can ever get hold of our landlady!