Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring.... or not

Last year I was sat outside, in shorts and t-shirt. 
I think if I did that this year I'd be suffering from serious frost bite!

It started snowing on thursday night, and it's not really stopped since. It was forecast, but I didn't think we'd be looking at this much! The main road is clear, but the cars are stuck at the bottom of our drive, fingers crossed we can dig them out, particularly as the temperatures are due to drop once the snow stops. Here's hoping I can get out to post parcels on Monday morning...

We keep getting mini avalanches off the roof, which keeps me on my toes, the sound of the snow falling and hitting the roof of the back passage is quite startling. 

On the plus side, the delivery man bought my wool delivery yesterday, so I have plenty of new fibre to play with!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Skip North

This weekend I took a bit of time out away from the pressures of work. It's only 5 weeks until Wonderwool, and the next few weeks are going to be rather busy.
I went up to Skip North, it's a knitty and spinny social gathering, based in Haworth Youth Hostel (the village where the Brontes lived). There's trips to local fibre and yarn suppliers, and workshops, and generally a chance to share my passion for all things wooly with like minded individuals.

First stop of the day on Saturday was Texere, this is a huge emporium of yarn of every type. I particularly like their Troon Tweed oiled aran weight, and hatched a plan involving some cones of linen....

That afternoon we got to go on a steam train, I've not been on one since I was a child, so taht was a real treat. The line we went along was the one used in the filming of The Railway Children, and still has lots of period features from the heyday of steam travel in the Victorian era.

Some features are from later in the Railway's history, this advertising sign in particular made me smile!

Star of the show, was of course the steam train itself, a great big black monster, belching steam and smoke. I only wish the ride lasted longer, but before you knew it we were back in Haworth, and it was time to get off. 

Sunday was a trip over to see  Wingham Woolwork, with the added highlight of some rather pretty scatterings of snow on the moors, but before I knew it I was on my way back home again, purse lighter, stomach full of cake, and feeling ready to get back to work. 

The shop will be a bit light on updates over the next few weeks, but odd bits and pieces will no doubt appear from time to time. Make sure you come over and check out the Ravelry group, and I'll let you know when I add new things.