Saturday, 10 November 2007


My poor neglected blog, life has got in the way of blogging, in fat I'm only writing this now as a distraction form trying to work out how I'm going to teach the topics I've been given for my Year 7 and 8s. I'm really really snowed under, I have two lots of planning to do, and I'm trying to work out how I have only 2 weeks left to do a major bit of coursework.
Speaking of coursework, I need to start it, I meant to start this weekend but the university is shut due to a major power failure, so I can't get out the books I need....
I also have an In4mers (peer education) session to plan, that I'm really wishing I'd said I couldn't do!

Right, back to work.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

First post of November

How has that happened?
Honest it feels like only yesterday since I wrote the last post. Since then I've started my school experience, I teach my first lesson today (gulp), and do my first science practical demo tomorrow! For all my other classes we're working on dates when I can take over.
Guiding stuff has gone nuts, I left the house at 7.45am yesterday and I didn't get home untill 10pm, and yes guiding is to blame. Today I have a staff meeting after school, and then have to dash across town and do one of the stupid numeracy tests the government says all new teachers have to take!
And oh bugger is that the time... must go and throw on some clothes!