Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Birthday photos

As requested by Niobe of Dead Baby Jokes here are photos of my birthday.

Please ignore the shiny forehead, I'd been cooking all day, and was without electricity for 6 hours!

Well I just did my last day at school, just in time for the roads to reopen. I've got the review session, er like now errrr better run! oops!

Thank goodness I live on a hill

I've not made it in to school either today or yesterday, I've tried both days yesterday I got as far as the dual carriageway heading towards the M1, today we didn't even make it that far. While the waters have subsided greatly the dam threatening the M1 is still in danger of bursting, so the motorway is still closed. Many roads are severely damaged, or still under water. School has told us not to come in , as the 25 mile journey is taking as long as 4 hours.

Oh and did I mention it's my birthday today, I'm meant to be having people round to celebrate. Problem is that 12,000 people are without power, they're trying to restore power to them. The problem being some of the sub stations were under 5 foot of water so aren't working, they're trying to sort out power, but in order to do that they're cutting off the power to various parts of the city for 3 hours at a time. I'm praying it won't be while I'm cooking for 10 people tonight.

However at least my house doesn't look like this.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Where can I get an ark?

It's raining, lots, and lots, and lots, and buckets, and poodles, and cats, and cats, and maybe even frogs!
The school I'm at closed at lunchtime, the science corridor had to have it's power shut off due to a leaking roof, and the road it's on was closed due to flooding. the school fields developed a lake, and well you get the picture. Getting home was worrying us, but luckily all was well. We've got to go in tomorrow but there will be no kids in due to continuing risk of electrocution, death, fire etc. Apparently you can take these risks with the staff!

The climbing wall Lex works at as had to close, the River Don has burst it's banks, flooded the car park, and has made it in to the entrance hall. Luckily the climbing hall is about 1m higher, so hopefully it will be spared!

Sunday, 24 June 2007


I've been quiet recently, but for a very good reason! I've now officially moved house, if anyone needs to know more then they already do!
The new flat is lovely, everything is unpacked (apart from Lex's man room, but that's up to him!), and we're settling in nicely. The only problem with 2 people moving in together who used to have independent lives is the amount of stuff! Somehow we had 5 drying racks, 15 sharp knives, 10 saucepans, the list goes on!
Anyway, nothing more really to add, I've spent the day cooking ready for work next week, I've got the house to myself as Lex is out on his road bike I will enjoy my peace and quiet.