Friday, 23 June 2006

I'm getting all excited!

I've spent a lot of today sorting out things for my Queens Guide award presentation. I'm really quite excited about it because it is the highest award anyone can get in Guiding. Less than 100 people complete it each year. It takes 3 years to complete, and is hard! So I think I'm a little justified in being quite excited.

I've just written the invites and the wonderful Louise is going to distribute them at the county training day on Saturday. I've also been busy working on the power point presentation that's going to be running to tell people what I did.

I'm really hoping it will be an enjoyable evening for everyone who comes. We're having a bring your own food barbecue, at Upper Limits climbing wall. Everyone is going to get a chance to try out all the activities which should make the evening more fun.
Lex is at work this evening so I've spent far too much time on the computer doing all of the above, and deciding which car insurance company I'm going to give a small fortune to! The joys of being 20. Though I will be 21 in 5 days time! Presents and cards would be nice, money would be even better!

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

everyone has to start somewhere

I was very purposefully avoiding getting a blog, as my boyfriend will simply claim I'm copying him!
But this is far too good a way to avoid being bored this summer. I am working this summer, but it is mainly at the weekends so I can end up being very bored!
Biggest exciting thing has to be the arrival of my new macbook. It's very shiny and gorgeous, I've sat writing my report from my field course that I did last week on it today and already love it far too much.
Anyway I think that this can be my little acorn from which a great oak grows. I will no doubt post more when I actually escape from my room to do something!