Monday, 6 February 2012


This post is my 600th since I started blogging, in that time I've been a student, had a professional job, and am now self employed. The blog has seen boyfriends come, and then go, and seen the start of new hobbies. Those hobbies have become, to a certain extent, life consuming. One of them now forms the basis of how I earn a living. However, the things that led me down this path was the desire to knit socks. These were my first ever socks- Finished basic socks Just a basic top down pattern in Regia 4ply. 600 posts on, and I'm still knitting socks.
I've got a bit quicker, one of these socks was knitted in 24 hours, it only took a week to finish the second one because I took time out to finish a cardigan (photos of that when I take time out to find the right buttons). The yarn is still Regia, I've come to the conclusion recently that nothing beats a 75% wool, 25% nylon mix for socks that last, and wash. The original socks (knitted in 2008) have been washed and worn, and washed and worn, and still look nearly as good as new, while other socks have long since given up the ghost. The only exception is that this is a 6ply yarn, Kemps currently have it on offer for £4 for a 150g ball. I'm going to be able to make 3 socks out of that one ball, and as you can see I've made them nice and long. Please save me from myself and buy it, before I go back and buy more! One thing also hasn't changed, I still don't knit stripy socks to match!

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