Friday, 18 July 2008


It feels a bit like I've lost my blogging mojo at the moment. All I seem to be able to post about is knitting, I really don't want to turn this in to a knitting blog, I want this to be a full representation of my life, warts and all.

It's been hard to write about very much recently, after I came back from holiday I have worked like a maniac, I have had tone day off since I came back last Thursday. This week I've driven 300 miles getting to work (and diesel is £1.30 a litre, there goes 1 day's pay). There is only so many times I can talk about teaching climbing, while every day is different as the kids are always different in essence every day is the same, I do the same things in pretty much the same places. I do however love it. It's also been tricky because as Eliza over at Doolittle (link in the side bar) there is a great unblogablability going on with my family. No one is dead or dying, but it has meant that one big nasty event has been at the forefront of my mind since Wednesday to the exclusion of nearly everything else.

One thing that apparently my brain can focus on is my knitting however, so I am very sorry to yet again present more photos of my Nether Garments. We are now at knee height on leg 1.

I love how the varying widths is doing wonderful things to the variagated asphalt tour yarn. This is on the lower calf-

This on the upper calf-

These are perfect knitting fr a busy mind, it's just simple knit, knit, knit and just as I start to get sick of one colour the mini ball runs out and it's time to start a new colour.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


At the moment it seems I can't visit a blog without it talking about Blogher, while I'm a bit mystified about what it exactly is, who can go there and why you'd want to it has inspired a really good meme. Carmen over at Mom to the Screaming Masses has posted about a meme where you type your name in to Google and list 5 facts about people with your name that you find as a result.

1) The top link is to an Australian singer who I really hope never makes it to the UK as it's all a bit rubbish and teenage angsty!
2)The next is to my actual user profile on UKClimbing
3) The next is a Facebook link to someone who isn't me
4) Another one is to a diary I wrote for our local radio station during my 2 months trip in Thailand (which I still need to tell you guys about, I haven't forgotten!)
5) It also appears that someone with my name works for a corporate finance firm.

What about you, what do you get when you type your name in to Google? Leave me a comment or write a post and let me know.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Ok some time soon I promise to post about something about knitting, but I'm very proud of my progress so far.

I'm 8.5 inches in, and have started the calf shaping. It's going really well, I've even done a stripe of both of the special tour colours.
Here's a quick picture-

It's taken on my web cam so not the greatest quality but you get the idea! most of this progress was amde at my first ever knit night which I've just got back from.

All day today and tomorrow I've been or will be teaching climbing outside, I've been getting up at 7.00 each morning to get over to where we're climbing. Hopefully tonight I won't have the trouble I've been having of just not wanting to sleep! I'm looking forward to my day off on Thursday as I need to get my room organised, while everything is out of boxes some stuff is still in piles, which is making me very messy. If it's not tidy to start off with making myself tidy up what I've just arrived back with is very difficult!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

More tour stuff, and a long day

All weekend I've been working. Today has been at a mobile climbing tower at a Outdoor sports festival in Sheffield called Cliffhanger. I've spent all day putting on and taking off climbing harnesses and my fingers hurt!
However despite the aching fingers I have managed to cast on for my Nether Garments tonight (finally!). I've not done as much as I wanted as I've also had to do some computer stuff, but now they're started I've stepped in the right direction!

Here's a quick photo, the colour is very wrong as it was taken in the dark and I can't get the camera flash to come on???

Here's also all the yarn I've been sent to do in between the special colourways I talked about yesterday. A big thank you to Natalie, Sussex Yorkie, Northernlights, and Jammam.