Sunday, 15 March 2009

would you

If you saw a female sat on the side of the path with what might have been blood oozing over her lower leg would you walk past without asking if she was ok? I'd hope all of you would say no, but that's exactly what happened to me today. I was being a pretend casualty for a local mountain rescue team and was waiting to be "found", and not one person asked me if I was ok, admittedly I probably didn't look in distress at that point but still!

I'm back at my parents now defrosting, and being bought cups of tea.I had to have Friday off work as I came down with a bit of a killer cold, the main symptom of which was the complete loss of my voice, so teaching was a bit of a no go. I still don't have much of a voice, we'll have to see how I go for tomorrow, at the moment I wouldn't even last one lesson before I loose my voice completely again.