Saturday, 15 January 2011


You would think that being surrounded by learning all day would mean that I have had enough of learning in my spare time. However I can't seem to get enough of it. The more I read and discover about fibre crafts the more I want to know.
It started with learning to knit, then I decided to learn to spin, then I wanted to learn to crochet, then I wanted to learn how to prepare my own fibres for spinning, then I wanted to weave.... who knows what I'll do next, maybe if I had a bigger kitchen I'd try my hand at dying...

Yet again I am off to Wonderwool Wales this April, Mum and I used to make a weekend of it but she now lives close enough that we can go as a day trip. Previous years I've simply made a good job of spending my hard earned cash but this year I decided I fancied learning something.
Everything I know about fibre preparation I've picked up from the internet, I've never really been shown what to do, or what to look for in good raw fibre. Hopefully by the end of April I'll have learnt a little bit more.

For now, I am getting on with my knitting, I have been freed from gift knitting and have enjoyed casting on things that are just for me! I'm sat on the sofa listening to the wind, with a pot of sparkly beads beside me. I reckon if I bash on I can get this shawl finished this weekend!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Good habits

I don't do new years resolutions but this January has seen me decide to start some new good habits. The festive period took it's toll on my waist line and my trousers were a little snugger than I would have liked.
Luckily my fancy new lab coat hides most of the damage while I'm at work!
Mum made me a lab coat for Christmas and I love it. At the moment it's been worn every day, partly because my classroom is freezing but partly because I love it (and it has pockets!). She simply embroidered this pattern (and a few others) on to it.

Pattern available from this etsy shop, or the sellers website. I'm already making plans for additions to my existing set if I ever get any free time!