Saturday, 29 September 2007

and on the seventh day she rested... or not

And so the first week is done. So far I'm waiting to find my stride, you know and really get in to the course. I'm adjusting to the 9.30-4.30 days better than I thought, yes they are pitiful in comparison to a real job, but when you've had a year when your contact hours maxed out 6, doing that amount in a day is odd!
I know where I'm going for my first placement and I'm happy with it, I'm not going to say where it is though, I think that might be wise! I'm also loving the rugby world cup, in the past week as it's all started to get serious about who progresses to the next round things have really hotted up. Matches have started to get interesting, and somehow more competitive. However I am still doing dreadfully with my fantasy league team. Some of us on UKClimbing have set one up here, we did the same for the 6 Nations and I did far far better. As the only female I am determined not to come last, but at the moment that's looking likely!
This weekend I've already driven about 400 miles, my parents just backpacked the Yorkshire Dales way, and needed to get back to the start to collect the car. They looked in public transport but it was really complicated, and really expensive, so they paid me to drive up from Sheffield to pick them up. That took most of today, 3 hours to Windermere, 1 and a half to Ilkley and another hour home. Only to go shopping and wonder why people were shopping as if Nuclear war had been declared. Eventually I got home without half the things I wanted as they'd sold out.
Tomorrow is Freshers climb, and that day starts at 7am, now thats earlier than I get up on a weekday, what happened? still I get to spend the whole day climbing, taking the piss out of my younger brother, and meeting friends. We then get to go for a nice meal after to celebrate not killing anybody, or a successful sending to hospital of those that do decide to hurt themselves!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Thank You

This is going to be a post of gratefulness, I seem to spend too much time moaning about things, but actually I have a lot to be happy about.
Cecily, at I wasted all that birth control has a post up about health care in the US, when you realise that getting a broken arm fixed cost her Mom $1000 (£500), and that medical treatment was on a n emergency only basis , I'm so grateful for the NHS. I've probably always been in a situation where I could afford insurance, but so many people in the US can't, and George Bush appears to want to stop what little help is already available. Imagine being in a situation where your child is ill, but you can't take them to the doctor because you can't afford it?
For that reason I'm grateful for the NHS, because despite it faults, long waiting lists, MRSA, etc. at least treatment is available for all no matter their income.
I'm also grateful for my opportunities, I've just started my PGCE to train to be a teacher, in many countries I wouldn't get that opportunity. I'd have been unable to gain a degree, or even get educated.

So next time I feel pissed off about this country (including how much money I owe the government), I'll try to remember these things, it's not such a bad place to live!