Saturday, 13 August 2011

A little bit of custom spinning


A friend on Ravelry doesn't spin, but she fell in love with the Slytherin colourway (sorry it's out of stock until I do a fresh fibre order), so asked if I would spin it up for her. It span up surprisingly quickly, and reminded me how much I love spinning with hackled roving.
She's planning on knitting Maja with it, which I think will look fabulous.

I can custom spin anything in the shop if you really want something but don't spin, just get in touch for prices and an idea on timescale. I also sell a Learn to Spin Kit, the main fibre in those is some gorgeous North Ronaldsay, an ancient breed of sheep from the Orkney Islands, that mainly has a diet of seaweed. How cool is that!
The link to take you to the fluffy goodness is just over to the right.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Use it or loose it...

We joined the local library a month ago. The first visit we browsed the shelves and picked out all sorts of interesting books (that you'd never buy because you wouldn't read more than once) like this one on Lost country Crafts, and one on historical folk clothing including how making clothing has evolved, that I can't remember the title of...

Modern library catalogues are online now, so before we returned those books I reserved loads of books that I'd been meaning to red for ages, or just sounded interesting when I searched for the things I'm interested in...

An eclectic selection....

Anyway, my point being, we're all feeling a bit short of cash right now, if like me you have books in your amazon wish list that you'll never be able to buy, why not see if your library has them?