Thursday, 29 April 2010

An accomplishment

One of the few things I have successfully accomplished this week.

Tonks sock

A pair of plain vanilla socks from one of the Harry Potter colourways- Tonks.

Knitted on in many places, North Wales, Pembrokeshire, Peak District, Mid Wales, They've been knitted on on houses, cars, tents, outside under boulders, and just about everywhere in between!

Monday, 26 April 2010

A update

I am now back at work so might be posting infrequently again, I promise not to disappear off the face of the earth though, and as ever, I will be tweeting.

In further update news I am still making grand knitting plans, or maybe I should say crochet. I think I worked out what I want to do with my Rainbow Cascade. Inspired by this blanket -

I want to do some sort of freeform crochet with flowers and insects to match the lightshades which I got from Ikea and love!

Sounds ambitious, but I like a challenge! Of course I will need to get some white yarn....