Friday, 15 December 2006

all dressed up

That's me with my mouth open! btw.
Well last night was the annual climbing club Christmas meal. Yet again the girls revealed that they owned legs and dresses and shoes with heels. The boys meanwhile showed that you can put a man in a tux but you can't take the climber/biker/walker out of him, there were far too many approach shoes going on for my liking!
It was a very good night though, highlights included paying £12 for a bottle of wine that bore a closer relationship to vinegar than any wine I've drank! The panto (I think, I'm sure it was very good guys, but I have no idea what happened!) and the DJ who thought he was the coolest guy going, but he at least payed cheese for a long time. the transition to dance music was the cue to take Lex home however!
Leaving early did mean that I missed out on the final dance and seeing who ended up snogging who, any gossip then just send me an email! Did Tatts manage to pull the delightful fresher that apparently Si had a thing for? after all it's not the xmas meal if someone didn't indulge in a little tonsil tickling, and I should know!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Well as promised I'm back to write all about my horrendous work load, why are all my modules due in at the same time, there's no justice!
However thing sare looking brighter, after spending the last 2 months in the lab collecting the data, I have finally written my 5000 word report, my poster for parasitism is finished, and even better my Biology and Ethics poster is done. All I have too do now is edit and check them all, now that is going to be hard. My brain works in an odd way, and as a result my brain works even more oddly, so all my writing is very odd! If that makes sense. so as a result there is lots of editing to be done.
Anyway by Wednesday all this will be over, and in the evening I have the fun of the climbing clubchristmas meal to look forward to. I'm actually going to go and get my hair cut and for one I get to dress up, pictures to follow!
In preparation for my PGCE interview next Tuesday I went and spent yesterday in a secondary school, and I actually really enjoyed it. I miss being with that age groups of kids on a regular basis! I was in one lesson which is made up of those with learning disabilities and behavioural problem when someone decided to set off a firework! Well at least it's given me something to talk about in the interview!