Thursday, 18 September 2008

Coming over all light headed

I'm currently propped up in bed feeling a little unusual. I very nearly fainted at school today which would have been ok if it wasn't for the shaking, light headed-ness and tingling in my hands and feet. My lovely head of department looked after me wonderfully and dispatched me home with instructions to put my feet up. By that point I just wanted to crawl in to bed and pray that it stopped soon... a couple of hours later I have picked up a bit, my feet and hands have blood in them again (though I think I now might have a bit of a fever) and I no longer look like a ghost but I don't exactly feel great, now is just a waiting game seeing what this turns in to, is it just a 24 hour bug and I'll feel fine tomorrow, or have I caught something truly tasty?

Only time will tell, I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Things in the post

I love getting parcels in the post, even more than I like going shopping. There is something magical about opening the packaging, and it's even better if you're not quite sure what the something is!
I got 2 packages in the post today, one is some real luxury yarn from Texere for a bargain price to knit for someone who I know appreciates a little quality in his life!
The other were from Moo, I got a pack of mini cards using some yarny photos to use as tags on knitted items so I can let people know fibre content and washing instruction. I also got a pack of greeting cards which work out at £1.30 a card so really good value, and they show off photos I've taken!

Unfortunately the only parcels I can look forward to in the near future are the ones that are for my sock club as I need to watch the pennies for a while as my car has started to lock me in it, so I feel it may be time for it to go to the great scrap heap in the sky and for a new car to become by chosen steed!

Now I really need to get knitting, I can't believe how much knitting I'm wanting to get done for Christmas... you lot had better appreciate my bleeding fingertips and not moan about the blood stains! The knitting is even coming to the pub with me tonight

PS. sorry about the mess to the right, I started fiddling before I went to the pub and ran out of time, I will fix it tomorrow hopefully.