Saturday, 21 July 2007

Potter Mania!

Book bought- 10am this morning
Got home from shopping- 11.30am
Finished book- 5.30pm

So much happened, stuff I thought would happen, lots I thought wouldn't, and just such rich detail.
Lots of people belittle adults who read Harry Potter, but if only more adult writers could write stories that completely capture you like this, so what its not real, but in case you've been in a nuclear bunker for the past few years some pretty shit things have been happening, a book that allows you to escape for a few hours can't be a bad thing.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Wish you were here...

Welcome to my part of the Virtual World Tour, organised by The Impatient Patient. A load of bloggers post pictures of their home town, and you'll find all the other stops on the tour here.
Anyway, welcome to my hometown in the UK. Not my regular place of residence, I spend most time further north due to being at university, but as far as the passport agency is concerned I live here!

The view to the east(ish, looking out to the moors, in the direction of Morridge.

The view to the west, just behind the houses atthe very top of the picture is where I went to first school.

Our fig tree, maybe not what you'd expect in the north of England, but it produces figs every year.

Our minature pond, home to more frogs than you care to immagine, how they fit in I have no idea!

Products of the garden, the raspberries this year taste wonderful, the strawberry's aren't as good as usual, due to the lack of sunshine!

The view out of the back garden, you can see my parents picking the raspberries above!

A Day lilly in the front garden

The front garden.

Our skull collection, no we're not wiccans, or wierd, we collect them on mountain walks and they all make their way on to the pergola!