Friday, 23 October 2009

Final Secret Pal Parcel

I received my final secret pal parcel this week. I feel so wonderfully spoiled by Azzuka
She really took note of what I'd written about myself, and did a very good job of stalking me!

Final secret pal parcel

My particular favourite, the Cookie A book, I've wanted it for ages and now I have it! I also have some lovely wool, and silk, and some wool to knit myself a pair of Tonks socks!

Thank You so much, my faith in swaps has been restored!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Another year, another weekend in Wales...

Freakily I've written a post with this title before!
I spent the weekend in Wales recharging my batteries with the university climbing club. Saturday was spent climbing in the sunshine, and Sunday was spent in blissful solitude walking the hills above Beddgelert. I arrived home ready to face the final week of term, and the stresses that brings about. I have spoken to more parents this half term than I have in the entire of last term!