Friday, 6 July 2012

Godis Skum

Earlier this week I ventured out of Wales and made for the mecca of all things home ware that is Ikea. An awful lot of my furniture has come from Ikea, for a combination of style and price reasons. This trip has been planned for a while, but Woolfest and work have meant it's been put off for several weeks.

However, I now have a comfy chair for spinning, most important given I'm spinning for the tour de fleece. I've also got on top of the storage I needed for the business.

I also found some Godis Skum.... aka marshmallow sheep!

Very tasty they are too. I've spent today surrounded by sheep as I helped our local farmer roll fleeces as they were shorn. They're only Welsh Mountains so not really any use for the sort of things I spin, but it was interesting day, and I got to have a go at shearing a couple of sheep myself at the end. No pictures because it was rather wet and mucky even though we were in a barn, so you'll have to make do with a Godis Skum picture!

Monday, 2 July 2012


Look what has decided to nest in our log pile!
The bird in question is a wagtail, 2 years ago they nested in a pile of breeze blocks, this year they've found a gap in between some logs and nested in it. Mum had noticed it flying about in this area for the last couple of days and managed to spot the nest this morning. We're not sure if the first nest failed (remember the dreadful weather we had a couple of weeks ago?), or if they normally raise 2 broods in a summer.
Either way, we'll be keeping our distance (though they seem pretty used to us coming and going), and we hope to have some wagtails hatching soon.