Thursday, 16 August 2012

Something New...

The great thing about working from home is exactly that, you're working from home. If I want to take the afternoon off, then that's my choice. The bad thing about working from home is the same thing, trying to come up with the balance is tricky!

I'm not entirely sure where the last week has gone, there's been the usual round of new fibre, photographs, listing, spinning, etc but if you asked me exactly what I did on Monday I'd have no idea!

I do however know what I did on Saturday.

My local guild were invited to spin at a local village show. We had a lovely day, recruited a few members, and showed the general public that spinning is a craft which is alive and kicking in this part of Wales.

The only other noteworthy thing from this week are these

Brand new spindle bags. Most of the spindle bags out there are just cloth bags, but spindles can be delicate things. The hook is particularly fragile, and can snap off really easily. Mum designs and makes these for me, a couple of weeks she showed me a prototype, and since then we've refined the idea. 
Inside there's a recycled plastic bottle, which gives the bag rigidity. It's not completely solid, if you plonk a heavy bag on your spindle case, or sat on it, you'd probably still get damage, but it will protect from everyday bumps and bangs, particularly if you put the hook at the bottom end. We're adding new fabrics all the time, so keep checking the shop, or if have something specific in mind we've already made a few custom requests. We're already running low on plastic bottles, so I'd better get drinking more lemonade!