Monday, 23 July 2007

An ending

Lots of things are finishing at the moment. Not only have I no more Harry Potter books to read, I also graduated from university.
I was doubtful about going to my graduation ceremony, and to be honest my parents weren't to sure about it either. while both are graduates, they went to a very different type of university to me.
Anyway by the end of the day we were glad we went, it kind of provided a nice full stop to this part of my life, and besides, there was free wine on offer from my department after the ceremony! (and we're the only university in the UK where the undergraduates doing a simple Bachelor of .... get to wear fur hoods, and the Master of ... and Doctorates get plain ones!)

It had been so wet that when directed to stand by the fountain for this picture lots of frantic arm waving went on as my heels sank in, and sank in, and I genuinely feared I'd end up backwards in the fountain!